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The Nigerian Songwriting Competition provides you an opportunity to get your first big break.

Entry opens 4th June, 2021.

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About Nigerian songwriting competition.

The Nigerian Songwriting Competition is a 100% online conducted songwriting contest which provides the opportunity for songwriters, poets, spoken-word artists, instrumentalist and producers, both amateurs and professionals in Nigeria to compete in order to gain exposure, recognition, win cash prizes and awards and get a first big break.
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Entry Requirements

  • A 5mins or less recording in the mp3 format (except submitting Just lyrics)
  • A Lyric sheet in word doc. format (except submitting instrumentals)
  • A payment of entry fee – N1000 per entry or category added
  • A complete filling of entry form.
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Meet Our Judges

The noted singers/songwriters, performers and industry veterans listed below help to judge the Nigerian Songwriting Competition.

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    Akapo Emmanuel

    Music Educator / Songwriter / Producer

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    Designation, Company

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Grand Prize Winner

  • N1,000,000 cash prize
  • Recording/publishing deal offer (optional)
  • Radio airplays
  • Feature on NSC blog
  • Grand Prize Winner award plaque

Category Winners

  • N250,000 cash price
  • Feature on NSC blog
  • Category Winner award plaque
  • More to be announced soon
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Screening/Judging Criteria

Depending on the category, submissions are judged using the following criteria when applicable:

  • Creativity (uniqueness; something different and new)
  • Originality
  • Lyrics
  • Composition
  • Emotional Impact
  • Overall Likeability (Commercial Potential)

Get Opportunity To Gain Exposure, Recognition, Win Cash Prizes and award and get a first Big Break

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